Why 158?

158 Studio Nicoletta
“I see fashion jewelery as a means of communication between the human body and its emotions. My mission is to select different materials and manufacturing techniques, to study how a piece interacts with the body, in close relationship with the dress you choose to wear. I pursue the idea of ​​a contemporary aesthetic that can break with the more strictly traditional vision of jewellery.”
This is my goal, I'm Nicoletta and I take care of selecting the jewels focusing on uniqueness and aesthetics, for my 158Studio Boutique in Sorrento and for the online shop. I continuously search for new jewels, new materials and designers in order to meet the needs of a vast and heterogeneous clientele with different tastes. 
The selection of jewels that you will find in 158 Studio aims to capture and elegantly express the uniqueness of the body. The jewels must live in an intimate relationship with the wearer, follow the shape of the hands or neck, rest like a caress on the ear lobes. These are elements that make a piece extremely wearable, and therefore suitable for current times.
Freedom of expression, courage in daring with new shapes and new materials and a refined propensity to want to expose themselves are the winning ingredients of a selection of jewels designed to subvert the classic rules of a world usually anchored to tradition, without neglecting the precious savoir - faire of goldsmith craftsmanship. A perfect proposal to embody contemporary femininity, enhancing it at 360 degrees.
Innovation is the real research engine, a continuous push towards new collections, the study of unconventional materials to mix with more traditional ones. Lightweight materials that shape large-volume shapes while minimizing weight.
158 Studio is a boutique where the relationship with the customer is at the center of a place for sharing and interaction. Interaction and sharing are the key concepts that I also wanted to bring to the online shop. So for advice, contact me